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Urban Air Mobility

Hover - electric flying drone taxi

We have created a new formula for the flying car, one which combines all the advantages in one concept: "Convenience. Safety. Speed". We implemented this formula in practice, proving its legitimacy. We call this project - Hover. 

We see that other amazing eVTOL projects have been designed for the future. Yet none of them can be used today – they cannot be parked at the store or placed in a garage, so we looked to create something for the present. You will not realize how quickly this technology will become a part of your life.

The revolutionary technology of the Venturi engine has allowed us to get rid of propellers, which often frighten people. Our concept of a flying car is not a copter or an airplane. It is a machine that combines the best of both designs. We have developed a unique system in which the vehicle can be both a copter and an aircraft. Unlike other S/VTOL, these systems are independent. If the wing fails, the copter will land. If the copter fails, the plane will help you land. We have also included the most advanced ballistic parachute for emergency situations created by BRS Aerospace. In most S/VTOL designs propellers are rotated to switch from vertical takeoff mode to airplane mode – this is their main problem. 90% of the accidents from the famous V-22 Osprey are associated with this. We have solved this problem: if there are no rotary engines, there are less problems.

Formula is a lift and cruise type design, we call this a “hybrid” type. This type of aircraft is much more efficient than multi-rotor and much safer than tilt-x. Hover produces the lowest noise level. This is due to the use of our patented Venturi engines, in which the engines utilize the noise-canceling effect. We are also developing a model of Hover TWO and FOUR, which will transport 2-4 people. The limitation in Formula's carrying capacity is due to the fact that this is the only concept that can take off and land in an ordinary parking space. This will allow the project to enter the market faster while other competitors wait for infrastructure solutions. The use of a wing leads the Hover concept into the category of hybrid aircraft, allowing the perfect combination of flight range and energy efficiency. 


Sub-Urban Air Mobility

Drone taxi for longest distance.



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