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We give people the freedom they've always dreamed of – the freedom to fly. Thanks to personal drones, it has become available and very convenient. The mission of our company is the ability of flight for everyone. Now. Freedom without traffic jams and traffic lights. Just imagine: flying cars will carry people in the nearest future. The entire development path of our project is the proof of one truth: the most valuable thing in a person's life is time. People are always in a hurry. They are ready to use any means to be in time. The rhythm of life is accelerating day by day, and the existing infrastructure cannot cope with traffic flows. We give people the opportunity to overcome obstacles on their way and quickly move around in space, solving the problems of traffic and environmental pollution. Today we manufacture and sell hoverbikes - flying motorcycles that finance our new developments. This initial investment is a prelude to a more ambitious project. The world's best experts from different countries have joined our team and together we are using the latest technology to build transportation infrastructure for flying motorcycles and cars. These all harmoniously include hardware, applications and services, as well as software for transportation systems management.


As the industry is booming, we offer a set of steps. Each next step opens several possibilities. Together we need to come up with new products. We have more than one drone, but several solutions. You yourself can come up with their purpose. Over the years of working on production and flights of personal drones, we have gathered a huge audience of people who are interested in this topic. Millions of views on our videos, thousands of comments and hundreds of letters! We listened attentively to all the comments and advice that people have given us. Our concept of a flying car is a project that was born thanks to all these people. And now we move forward with what everyone wants to see. It's time to make a decisive step and change the world. Our merit is that we always listen to what the consumer says. We use the internet as a channel of communication with our future customers of this market. We understand what the client wants and needs.



Any society is built on prohibitions. It is the existence of prohibitions that distinguishes a civilized society from an unsettled herd or crowd. The transformation of the primitive herd into a society follows the path of creating new prohibitions, first in the form of customs and beliefs, later - written laws, in the form of a legal superstructure over customs and beliefs. We stand for the compliance and rules of safe operation of aircraft. That is why we work closely with the FAA. We asked the US government to review the approval of our products. The American standard is of the highest level all over the world. We not only follow the established rules, we take part in the formation of a new code for the eVTOL market in conjunction with the FAA.


We are building a corporation. We continue to increase the portfolio of our companies IP. As the eVTOL market becomes larger - our patents will cover most bottlenecks in this new space. This greatly increases the value of our company. While others think on how to adapt the infrastructure to drones, we have adapted our drone for the infrastructure. A new market is coming. Its volume by various estimates is approaching $3 trillion. Who are preparing for it? Large car and aircraft corporations, manufacturers of chips, batteries, power electronics and software. Each day more and more public statements from major transportation manufacturers are released: no one wants to be behind on this trend! We have our own opinion on this matter.


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