Hoversurf speaking at Revolution.Aero

On October 1st Revolution.Aero hosted a global meeting place for people who are reshaping, rethinking and revolutionising business and personal aviation. The venue for the people leading personal and business aviation - disruptors shaping the second century of powered flight. The event brings together new start-ups disrupting the market with companies that have been leading the industry for decades. It will help investors, analysts, journalists and other opinion formers under

Flight app is here!

AIR MAP - this is an online dispatch card that can be used from your smartphone. It allows you to fly safely, avoid closed areas for flight all while giving out the exact location of your hoverbike to the air traffic participants. #evtol #certification #airmap #aviation #flight #hoverbike #hoversurf

ON-DEMAND flight coverage

is brought to your personal drone by LLOYD'S LONDON - R-T SPECIALTY, LLC. Ryan Turner Specialty has worked closely with Hoversurf to bring an exclusive insurance for the owners of the hoverbike. This insurance covers all risks associated with flights throughout the world without exception. #evtol #aviation #certification #insurance #hoversurf #hoverbike