S3 2019

Designed with You in Mind


We have designed a monocoque frame created using different types of carbon fiber technology. The whole frame is made by a single element, which gives the stiffness of the structure all while reducing the weight by a factor of 2 compared to our previous aluminum model. The new ergonomics of the pilot's seat allows a person to sit comfortably at any height. In this model, stability is improved by spacing the axes by 5 cm (1.9 in). In this case, the dimensions of the hoverbike allow it to be rolled in a standard doorway while also having ability to take-off and land from an ordinary parking space. The weight of the hoverbike is 114 kg (253 pounds) limited by law, but by reducing the weight of the frame it allowed us to install a more capacious battery. Our safe flight altitude is 5 meters above the ground (16 feet), but the pilot himself can adjust the limit to their comfortability. The maximum speed is limited to 96 km / h (60 mph or 52 knots) according to the requirements of the law.


Hoversurf's new flight computer consists of 3 separate blocks connected by CAN bus with its own processor in each unit, an external information display, a tuning system, and an updated firmware V.1085 which is designed specifically for a hoverbike S3. Auto-take-off (AT), auto-landing (AL), Alt Hold, Manual, and RC control are also  available. Anatomical arm-adjustable joysticks with covers made of genuine leather, dashboard convenient for glove use, laser all-weather LiDAR. The S3 model also includes, the triple security system: electronic (emergency landing, sound and visual warning system, anti-interference screening), mechanical (kill switch) and passive (embedded deformation zones, power fences, and protective elements for the pilot from carbon with reinforcement).


LiNiMnCoO2 - Lithium manganese nickel. This chemistry adds nickel to the IMR chemistry above, making it a "hybrid" chemistry. It combines the safety and low resistance of manganese and the high energy of nickel. The resulting battery chemistry gives you a reasonably high capacity and a high discharge current. The chemistry is very stable, meaning that you don't need expensive built-in protective circuits. There is extensive innovation within this chemistry as well. Hoverbike S3 2019 contains this hybrid type battery with a capacity of 12.3 kWh, which allows you to fly up to 40 minutes in the drone mode. The actual flight time with the pilot is between 10 to 25 minutes dependent on weight and weather conditions. A new portable home charging pack allows quick charging in as little as 2.5 hours without removing the batteries.

A passive cooling system, which operates due to the difference in air pressure above and below the propellers is now built into body. New engines with increased power to 33 kW each. New 3-bladed carbon propellers are quieter by 10% than double-bladed propellers, smaller in diameter by 5 cm and give a total thrust of 364 kg (802 pounds).

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