Hoversurf and MGM COMPRO Partner

Hoversurf and MGM COMPRO partner to bring leading intelligent electronic and propulsion systems to its eVTOL vehicles

Hoversurf - MGM COMPRO Partnership

This Strategic Partnership is to expand our relationship to current and future programs and to establish long term cooperation in the fields of intelligent electronics and propulsion in eVTOL vehicles. The partnership will identify potential opportunities that would be beneficial to both parties and customers utilizing ATAAS (air transportation as a service).

Hoversurf over that past few years has created the first (F.A.A. part 103) and most advanced hoverbike vehicles. The continuous development of its hoverbike and technology has brought forth the S3 2019 Limited Edition model, which incorporates some of the latest technologies as well as high end industrial manufacturing process's. Vehicles like the S3 2019 hoverbike change the way people envision the future of transportation, giving people access like never before. With this new form of transportation, a new level of technology is required. MGM COMPRO brings years of experience, highest quality manufacturing and advanced electronic systems to Hoversurf's vehicles.

S3 2019 Limited Edition

"Innovation, Experience, Passion go through every piece of electronics we create. This is why we always deliver outstanding features, parameters and exceptional technical solutions with the focus on the very last detail. Our goal is to completely fulfill expectations of our customers from many areas of industry - e.g. aviation, military, manufacturing, power engineering etc. Innovative thinking, vision, experience and strong drive to meeting your requirements". MGM COMPRO.

Since its founding in 1991 MGM COMPRO has been focused on development and production of specialty electronics, being one of the first companies in the world with development and manufacturing of processor based speed controllers for electric motors. MGM COMPRO since then has partnered and worked with companies globally ensuring their customers with quality, outstanding features, parameters and technical solutions. The company began working closely with Hoversurf in early 2016 to help create a custom electronic speed controller capable of delivering the required power for a human drone. Fast forward a few years and MGM COMPRO has created custom Industrial Battery Cell Packs, Electronic Propulsion Systems, Intelligent Battery Management Systems and much more for Hoversurf. These technological advancements have put Hoversurf in a leading position when it comes to eVTOL aircraft.


Hoversurf and MGM COMPRO will now work closer than ever to create full electronic propulsion systems that are engineered to be safer and more efficient than what is currently available. Hoversurf being an eVTOL technology company with various high level patents

sees this partnership as a necessity for future growth and development. With our announcement of new vehicles coming mid 2019, this partnership will go further than just hoverbikes, allowing for a whole new line of vehicles.

"I am pleased we are able to partner with an industry leader like MGM COMPRO. This is the type of strategic relationship that will keep us at the cutting edge of the eVTOL market." Steve Weinstein, CEO.


MGM COMPRO's has made a name for itself working on projects across different fields, clients include: Airbus Group, NASA, Virgin Galactic, Formula 1 and the Army. Their specialties include: Electronic Speed Controllers, Battery Management Systems, Propulsion Systems, Batteries, Chargers and much more.

About Hoversurf:

In only 3 years Hoversurf has shown 5 hoverbike models, 2 versions of its heavy lift cargo drone and is near completion of its v1 taxi vehicle: "Formula". Hoversurf holds IP on its Venturi Engine, custom built flight computer and more.

These incredible feats show that when you bring dedicated individuals with a similar goal of changing the world together, anything is possible.


December 5th, 2018

Joseph Segura-Conn


Hoversurf inc

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