Hoversurf showcases future technology at CES 2019!

With over 180,000 attendees at CES 2019, Hoversurf drew crowds at its first ever exhibition booth. While we may not have been able to demo our world famous S3 2109 hoverbike, you could feel the excitement around the future of transportation.

Hoversurf in mid 2018 showcased our newest hoverbike model the S3 2019, with an extraordinary flight time of over 20 minutes, full carbon fiber frame and a handful of new flight settings. Along with the launch of our new pre-production hoverbike, Hoversurf made a commitment to its followers and the eVTOL community; moving forward we would be transitioning away from propellers and utilize some of our newest forms of technology for better and safer flight. What does this necessarily mean?

Hoversurf's ducted fan technology!

Hoversurf's Prototype Ducted Fan Hoverbike

During our CES 2019 demonstration we showcased the first ever prototype of a ducted fan hoverbike. While this is just a prototype and does not show the full capabilities of Hoversurf's technology, all eyes were glaring in wonder.

Hoversurf's mission is to bring safe and reliable air mobility to everyday people, allowing all to experience true piloted flight. As part of the mission it is vital that we continuously adapt and improve our technology. The release of our ducted fan prototype hoverbike shows the direction we

are moving as a company.

Hoversurf's Booth - CES 2019

Ducted fans pride a wide range of benefits to our current and future vehicles, including: protection from blades to both the rider and those round our vehicles, quieter noise level and greater efficiency than most other ducted fans. These improvements along with others give us the ability to achieve new forms of vehicle designs that are more compact and comfortable.

CES 2019 Press:

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