Urban Air Mobility Series Now Live!

Hoversurf launches UAM YouTube series. Watch our newest episodes about the UAM market and the technology we are creating to make this possible.

Over the past decade vehicle congestion in populated areas has gradually gotten worse and worse. With our population growing and more cities needing better infrastructure our problem will only get accelerate. Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is that solution to our problem.

If you look into the sky you see openness and a potential 3rd dimension to our transportation problem. Over the past few years discussions and work on electric short flight vehicles has exploded with over 70 companies worldwide working towards a solution to congested roads. While the technology to make this possible is available right now, there is still a lot to be figured out in regards to infrastructure, regulation and mainly the safety side of things. As the market begins and the vision of taking flying taxis becomes public knowledge Hoversurf wants to take an educational approach.

Hoversurf has started its very own UAM Youtube series in which we cover aspects of what this new market will look like and the technology we have created to make it all possible. Follow along and have a discussion with us along the way.

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