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Are you ready to push the limits of adventure? The Hoverbike S3X is the ultimate extreme sports machine for thrill-seekers who crave speed and height. Its motorcycle-inspired design allows for easy storage at home or in the garage, so it's always ready for action whenever you are. But don't let its familiar appearance fool you - the S3X can soar through the air, taking your excitement to new heights. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience.

                             Pre-order your Hoverbike S3X today and let the adventures begin!

The ALL NEW S3X is an ultralight aircraft certified by the FAA. Experience the thrill of flight with this cutting-edge machine

Feel the power

Experience the ultimate in power and performance with our patented MATRIX technology. This innovative system delivers a 100% increase in response and power, as well as 100% redundancy and safety. The S3X is designed to be lightweight and versatile, with a maximum take-off weight of 225 kg and a weight without load of 115 kg. It has a maximum payload of 110 kg and dimensions of 3200x2200x104 mm.

The S3X is capable of reaching speeds of up to 110 km/h and a maximum altitude of 150 m (with a 5 m limit). It has a maximum flight time of 30 minutes and a maximum hovering time of 35 minutes, with a maximum flight distance of 20 km. It can handle wind speeds up to 5 m/s and has a maximum tilt angle of 25° and a maximum angular velocity of 45°/s. It is suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to +45°C. Take control of the skies with the powerful and reliable S3X.

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Order NOW

Pre-order the Hoverbike S3X at a net price of $150,000. Don't miss out on your chance to own this exclusive and exciting piece of technology.


Please note that due to the high volume of orders, the production period may increase from 6 to (up to )9 months. But trust us, it will be worth the wait! Get your pre-order in now and be one of the first to experience the thrill of the Hoverbike S3X.

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111 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

+1(718)916-71-50 USA and Latin America

+1(365)888-87-70 Canada

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The most advanced hoverbike


From idea to the future


We sell the hoverbike as a kit. The kit includes a product with separately packaged parts for self-assembly. Your Kit Purchase Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made up of the following documents:

1. Kit Configuration: The Kit Configuration describes the kit that you configured and ordered, including pricing (excluding taxes and official or government fees). If you are purchasing a kit from our inventory, the Kit Configuration may be in the form of a body sticker or a buyer’s guide.

2. Final Price Sheet: The Final Price Sheet will be provided to you as your delivery date nears. It will include final pricing based on your final Kit Configuration and will include taxes and official or governmental fees.

3. Terms & Conditions: These Terms & Conditions are effective as of the date you place your order and make your Order Payment (the “Order Date”).

Agreement to Purchase. You agree to purchase the kit (the “Kit”) described in your Kit Configuration from Hoversurf, Inc. or its affiliate (“we,” “us” or “our”), pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Your Kit is priced and configured based on features and options available at the time of order and you can confirm availability with us. Options, features or hardware released after you place your order may not be included in or available for your Kit.

Purchase Price, Taxes and Official Fees. The purchase price of the Kit is indicated in your Kit Configuration, the body sticker or buyer’s guide attached to this Agreement, as applicable. This purchase price does not include taxes and official or government fees, which could amount to up to 10% or more of the Kit purchase price. Because these taxes and fees are constantly changing and will depend on many factors, they will be calculated closer to the time of delivery and indicated on your Final Price Sheet. You will be responsible for paying these additional taxes and fees.

Manufacturing Process.

Order Stage: We will submit your order to the Hoversurf Factory for production three (3) calendar days after the Order Date. During this three (3) day period, you may cancel your order or make any changes to your Kit Configuration without charge. Your Order Payment will be refundable if you cancel within this three (3) day period.

Factory Stage: When we submit your order for production (3 days after your order date), your Order Payment becomes earned and non-refundable. Because production of your Kit is already underway, changes to your Kit Configuration during this time will be difficult, if not impossible, for us to accommodate. If you want to make changes to your Kit Configuration, we will try to accommodate your request. If we accept your request, you will be subject to a non-refundable $500 change fee and potential price increases for any pricing adjustments made since your original order date. Any changes made to your Kit Configuration, including changes to the purchase price, will be reflected in a subsequent Kit Configuration that will form part of this Agreement.

Cancellation: Because your Kit is custom ordered, we incur significant costs in starting production of your Kit. We also incur significant costs for remarketing and reselling the Kit if you cancel or default in this Agreement. As a result, your Order Payment is non-refundable three (3) calendar days after your Order Date. You acknowledge that the Order Payment amount is a fair and reasonable estimate of the actual damages that we have incurred or may incur, costs that are otherwise impracticable or extremely difficult to determine. We will credit your Order Payment toward the final purchase price of the Kit. You acknowledge that this Order Payment and this Agreement are not made or entered into in anticipation of or pending any conditional sale contract.

*MSRP less cash offers. Tax, title, license and dealer fees extra. Residency restrictions apply. Not available with some other offers. See dealer for details.

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