If you are waiting for something to happen just to decide what to do, you are done.


More effective than a usual EDF. Smaller and safer than a usual propeller. We came up with a revolutionary Venturi engine and a hybrid aircraft schematic that combines that of a airplane and copter without the transitional regime. These technologies will allow us to see the future today! This unique electric engine is based on the Venturi effect, the meaning of which is the following: the ordinary atmosphere air is injected to the output stream of the engine, creating an additional stream and reducing the noise of the high-speed jet inside the stream. This gives a significant increase in engine efficiency and noise reduction. Our patented engine is 2x smaller and safer, while having the same thrust as a propeller, this is because all rotating mechanisms are hidden inside the body.




Hoverbike frame: a supporting power platform, made in the form of a spatial carbon monocoque. The overlap of the cross forming is reinforced and fixed by power plates from below and from above. On the end sections of the power platform, independently working sensored engines with propellers are mounted on the beams. Above the center structure of the supporting power platform a module containing our computer, on-board flight system, sensors, battery and generator are all housed.




We call it - project "Formula". A small-sized eVTOL flying car with full computer control and increased range of flight. Vertical take-off of the aircraft is carried out with the help of our venturi engines. Movement in space is possible in copter mode by means of traction from the take-off/landing engines, while long distance flight is done using the aerodynamics of our aircraft body design and forward thrusting engines. If the passenger is flying a considerable distance the vertical take-off engines bring the vehicle to its correct altitude, then powering down slowly while the forward thrust engines and dynamic hybrid wing goes into effect. The vertical take-off/landing engines are not necessary for forward flight and can be turned off to save energy. The lifting power of the dynamic wing provides a straight flight. Landing is done in the reverse order. ned to allow vertical take-off and landing in that of a standard car parking space.



Flying computer and software

Hoversurf's flight computer consisting of 3 separate blocks connected by CAN bus with its own processor in each unit, an external information display, a tuning system, and an updated firmware V.1085 which is designed specifically for a hoverbike S3. Auto-take-off (AT), auto-landing (AL), Alt Hold, Manual, and RC control are also  available. Made for eVTOL aircrafts.


Schematic of the aircraft*

In most S/VTOL’s, the propellers rotate to move from vertical takeoff to airplane mode - this is their main problem. We solved this problem. Mess rotary engines - less accidents. We added the engines for forward flight, without changing the pitch angle as with ordinary copters.


WhatsApp Image 2018-05-29 at 9.51.50 AM.

Emergency landing system*

Single-motor fail auto-land system. A massive technological accomplishment: stabilizing the flight of a quad-copter horizontally in the event of an emergency situation to ensure the safety of those on-baord.



Hoversurf is looking to JV with aviation or vehicle manufacturers. For inquiries, please contact us:

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