Let's see the three key ideas of this technology:

The Hover flying car is controlled by a digital system that completely excludes the passenger from control. The AI monitors safety in the sky. There are no open propellers which could scare people. Passengers are located  in a protective capsule that takes a shock in the event of an accident. And for the most urgent situations, there is a rescue parachute that gently lowers the car with passengers to the ground.

The unique drone layout with additional propulsion motors allows Hover to fly twice faster than conventional drones. The drag in straight flight is minimal - the machine doesn't change its lean angle to move forward unlike most drones. And there are many efficient venturi motors, safer and smaller than conventional propellers.

We made sure that Hover doesn't scare away those people who are used to cars. We achieved the dimensions of a regular car. This allows you to land in a standard parking space, maneuver in the parking lot and drive into the garage. This enables faster integration into the real urban infrastructure.

We are currently testing a prototype and collecting a large amount of data that helps us move faster towards our dream - providing people with an efficient, environmentally friendly and safe mode of transport. I am grateful to all of you for your faith, support and help in the implementation of the project! Thank you!

Range 100 km (Range 100 km)
Speed ​​200 km / h (Speed ​​200 km / h)
Altitude 150 m (Altitude 150 m)