Direct investing via Starta Ventures

Hoversurf is in the TOP 10 world developers of passenger drones. The company is developing a concept for Urban Air Mobility (UAM) using drone taxis. In addition to vehicles, this concept includes passenger boarding areas, apps for ordering a drone taxi and a flight safety system. The company produces UAM technologies and prototypes, patents key solutions for the UAM market. All technologies are created according to industry standards. Some devices are already legalized by the FAA and sold to large customers. In 2019, the company was recognized as the most innovative in the world according to Frost & Sullivan.

Interested investors should understand that this is a new industry and there are many barriers to a short term ROI exist. Hoversurf at its core is committed to changing the way we solve transportation issues so it's going to use investor money to improve our products rather than seek an immediate exit event. Hoversurf has a 3- 5 year roadmap and is open to all options. We are driven by our vision to change how people travel.

We offer an easy way to invest in company - through the Starta Ventures fund. This is a link for investors to the fund's website. Please contact the fund to invest.