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200+ flight hours since 2016

20+ patents

Frost & Sullivan awards 2019


Hover is the car size drone taxi. Main advantages is safety, speed and usability.

Hover drone taxi prototype are being tested - drones capable of delivering passengers and cargo by air. The purpose of the tests is to ensure the possibility of flying over the city in 2023-2025. Constant work on the safety of taxi drones will allow the massive use of such aircraft. A prototype developed by Hover startup, an international company founded by inventor and businessman Alexander Atamanov, takes part in the tests. A group of engineers have been working on their own urban air taxi since 2016. The prototype plays the role of a flying laboratory. In the current testing phase, the emphasis is on several components. The duplication of critical aircraft systems is checked. The lift & cruise flight mode is being tested (when different groups of engines are responsible for takeoff / landing and horizontal flight), the functioning of the firing parachute to save the drone and the crew at ultra-low altitudes. The digital centralized control system of drones over 5G networks is being improved. It lays out the best routes for air taxi, monitors the safety of flights and completely excludes a person from the air taxi management process. The dimensions of the aircraft are comparable to those of a passenger car. This allows the Hover to sit in a standard parking space, maneuver in a parking lot, drive into a garage, and drive out into the street. For flight of the drone are low-noise and efficient electric motors built using the Venturi effect. The cargo and passenger capabilities of the aircraft, due to its technological appearance, make the Hover preferable for operation in Moscow. It is assumed that the first serial "Hovers" will be produced in 2021.



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