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ATaaS - Air Transport as a Service. This is a fully automatic taxi drone operating system that will allow passengers to call an air taxi and travel via an FAA approved rout to their destination. Our patented software will consider all aspects of air travel putting safety first.


We plan to get 10% of the UAM market in 2040.
Scenario for intracity market: conservative and progressive. Under conservative assumptions, the market will start out at $0 and no relevant installed base in 2020 and slowly grow to $1 billion and 1,000 units in 2025 within four major cities, reaching only $4 billion and 3,000 eVTOL aircraft in 2030 within 16 cities. A more progressive scenario foresees a $2 billion market with 1,000 aircraft operating in 16 cities by 2020, growing to $18 billion and 12,000 units in 2025 in 25 cities, and eventually reaching $58 billion and 43,000 units in 64 cities by 2030–the most aggressive scenario we could imagine. Some experts predict a market size of $3 trillion in 2035.



We use the base market calculation for our business model. We are planed to get 30% of that market. Formula flying car gives the price $0.29/1 km ($0.46/1 mile). The price is formed based on energy consumption, utilization and use of automated navigational aids. Its more than 2.7 times less than Uber-X. Our portfolio of patents is growing and allows us to defend against large companies.

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